Taptu | Consulting reinvented

C  o  n  s  u  l  t  i  n  g     r  e  i  n  v  e  n  t  e  d

The best IT advice, leadership and technical coaching using tailored, on-demand services to support your need for greater agility, helping your business adapt and evolve.


Your story is our story

No matter the size of your business, imagine being able to supplement your IT leadership, strategic solutions or operational capabilities, in tune with the ebb and flow of your business. Imagine people, process and technology outcomes improving organically, rather than in costly and disruptive steps. We believe you can.

Digital disruption is fundamentally changing business. It enables new business models and empowers those who can adapt their approaches, tools and processes quickly to their surroundings.

Classical consulting isn't always the ideal approach for this rapidly changing landscape as it requires large capital investments and structured projects to engage in a meaningful way.

So we re-invented the IT consultant as an on-tap expert advisory service, to match your ebb and flow, for those times you simply need great help, now.

Who we are

Taptu is a boutique Adelaide based IT company servicing local and Australian clients.

We are the evolutionary result of disruptive technology coupled with skilled professionals and a passion to help people succeed.

We offer a professional IT advisory service. We engage with lightweight subscriptions and on-demand services, allowing us to respond to your immediate operational challenges, quickly and in a tailored way. We work with your people rather than for your people, allowing us to contribute to real and lasting business benefits.

... and we know we have the talent to help your business adapt and evolve.

Why Taptu

Consulting unpacked

You don't need a consultant, but your staff are over-stretched or don't possess the skills you need right now? Access advisory talent but in an operational context. Focus on the long term improvements you really need, but don't have the time or skills to get right by yourself.

Business evolution

Knowing what to change and how to change it precedes capital investment. But this takes planning, thought, expertise and experience to get it right. Use subscription and on-demand advice to get the answers you need.

Staff empowered

While outsourced projects deliver great short term wins, they can also sideline, disempower and demotivate internal staff. Instead, utilise and empower these individuals through expert coaching and hands-on technical assistance, transferring the best traits of consultants to your staff.

Small business enabled

Just as digital disruption has gifted enterprise level technology to small business, subscription and on-demand advisory allows small business to access enterprise consulting talent quickly and cost effectively.

Operational strength

Why limit business improvements to projects with fixed deliverables. Smaller investments between projects, in areas such as: Strategy and planning, business alignment, architectural improvements, design and operational excellence can reduce cost of business and free capital for further investment.


Taptu provides advisory services to Government, corporate, not-for profit and small business.

We are an agile company able to adapt quickly as your needs change. We offer great advisors, suited to your business, who can work with you to realise your great ideas. If you have a specific need not listed below, ask us. We'll let you know if we can help.

We offer

  • Strategic advisory
  • Technical coaching
  • Industry guidance
  • Planning
  • Reviews

In the areas of

  • IT strategy
  • IT architecture
  • Business architecture and governance
  • People, technology and process re-alignment
  • Solution architecture
  • Solution design, development and practices
  • Project and portfolio management
  • Cloud and mobility
  • Data and analytics
  • Collaboration portals and information management


We offer five flexible plans with competitive pricing. Pick the one which suits your needs based on the size of your business and complexity of the assistance required. Then change plans month to month in tune with your changing needs.


Our small business plan

you receive

4 hours/month

1x 4 hour advisory block
per month


On-demand hours

available on request


Our light use plan

you receive

8 hours/month

2x 4 hour advisory blocks
per month


On-demand hours

available on request


Our moderate use plan

you receive

16 hours/month

4x 4 hour advisory blocks
per month


On-demand hours

available on request


Our sophisticated use plan

you receive

32 hours/month

8x 4 hour advisory blocks
per month


On-demand hours

available on request


Our consulting plan, for large activities

you receive

1½ to 3 days/week

Month by month,
scale as you require


On-demand hours

available on request

How it works

Accessing our service is simple:

  1. Speak to us about your needs.
  2. We listen, then help you select an advisor best suited to your business and its requirements.
  3. You agree on outcomes with your advisor, at a subscription level which suits you.
  4. Sign a service agreement.
  5. Book blocks of included time as you require. We’ll also donate time to get to know your business.
  6. Start accessing Taptu expertise on-demand.

Get in touch

Curious? Don't know if this service is right for your business?

Bypass the sales-talk and speak with one of our advisors directly. Email us and arrange a time for a chat. They will listen and have an honest conversation with you. Then you can decide for yourself if Taptu is right for you. We won't engage if we don't believe we can add value.

In person

Adelaide Office

Taptu Pty. Ltd.
Hub Adelaide
5 Peel Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

ABN: 71 608 557 151
ACN: 608 557 151