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Digital Leadership
Bespoke Solutions
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At Brand Logo, we approach business with a new mindset

Our commitmentWe understand customers want honest, capable and agile talent, delivering meaningful, sustainable and cost effective outcomes. We’ve also seen how traditional IT offerings can fall short, resulting in client disempowerment and vendor lock-in.

Technical ideaWe created Taptu to disrupt this model, ensuring any business can achieve its potential with access to quality, tailored IT advice and services. We’ve done away with dedicated sales people and re-invented the classical IT consultant as a dynamic group of personally accountable, semi-autonomous, on-tap specialists, matching the ebb and flow of your business.

Partnership This means we’re more authentic and accurate when proposing solutions, as well as being more effective and flexible when delivering outcomes. We can augment your strategic, IT, project and operational resources to form hybrid teams, imparting skills and building internal capability – rather than just delivering a black-boxed outcome.

Customer sizing ​This also means we’re better equipped to help businesses of any size… from a start-up wanting to innovate and scale, through to a large Government department wanting to modernise and optimise.

Our Story

Imagine people, process and technology outcomes improving organically, rather than in costly and disruptive steps. Imagine applying the best resources for a given problem and blending resourcing models without being led into full service contracts.

We believe you can.

Having observed the strengths and weakness of consultants, contractors and employees first-hand over a number of years, we set out to create a service that draws on the strengths of each, uniting all three approaches and leaving behind traditional weaknesses.

As a result, we’ve created something unique: A boutique technology / consulting business, designed around you – so you can tap into a team of great people, to get outstanding results, right when you need us.

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What it's like to work with us

We understand that success is based on relationships, so we listen to you, learn what’s important, and make ourselves readily available for advice and input.
Your goals and work culture will directly influence our interactions. Engagements are aligned to you and your business needs, rather than to predetermined solutions.
We can scale and interchange resources as required, running in either a project or on-demand mode. Activate us when your need specialist skills, and pause us when you don’t.
We augment and empower your teams - either helping you build new capacity from the ground up, stepping in as the project team you need – or anything in between.
We manage budgets, scope and outcomes carefully against your evolving needs. This helps to maximise your investment, across any size scope of work.
We build the next generation of talent with mentored young professionals, which you can access through our Head Full of Heart program.

Signature outcomes we are proud of

Re-inventing South Australia's Strategic Decision-Making, Policy and Governance

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet needed to replace an outdated, restrictive and costly workflow management system, which was used to manage all of the decision-making processes of the Cabinet of South Australia and the Governor of South Australia.

How we approached the solution

Working closely with SMEs from DPC’s Cabinet Office and ICT Services, Taptu and Head Full of Heart architected, designed, developed and delivered SHRIKE, a bespoke PaaS solution. SHRIKE was designed to support complex multi-path workflows, role-based access across all South Australian State Government Agencies, and the secure management of classified documents, through a modern and intuitive user interface.

What was achieved

SHRIKE has revolutionised the management of Cabinet Business, creating efficiencies that directly support strategic decision-making processes at the highest levels of Government. Further, the SHRIKE platform has dramatically reduced hosting costs whilst improving security and data quality, and introducing new automation / integration capabilities.

Creating and commercialising a SaaS platform for cross business communication

A veteran of the construction industry, Corston approached us to build a custom piece of commercial software to improve the communication between third parties on projects, with a focus on producing a simple and relatable product for the target market.

How we approached the solution

We approached the task with a hybrid team of IT professionals who listened to Corston’s idea and took the concept from a whiteboard to a finished piece of commercial software. We created a brand new user interface design to craft a unique user experience, and we were able to produce an effective solution that allowed for online communication threads within digital projects. This software enabled users to optimise their work practices by providing a new way to share information between multiple teams across different ventures.

What was achieved

Through their engagement with Taptu, Corston was able to directly impact the commercial market of the construction industry with the creation of Hut12 - a bespoke Software as a Service product with a recognisable visual design. Additionally, the undertaking empowered young local professionals, and contributed towards South Australia's software sector.

Building a platform for the world's wellbeing measurement

The Wellbeing and Resilience Centre (WRC) has a big vision: to increase the wellbeing and resilience of people in everyday life, for life. They set out to create a sturdy, repeatable, scientifically validated and affordable approach to build psychological health, wellbeing and resilience at scale - equipping people to live their best life possible.

How we approached the solution

Working closely with their research and technical specialists, we set out to understand the team and their vision deeply. We transformed this understanding into a business capability model and digital strategy, then authored their first successful digital platform commercialisation grant. Leveraging this success, we then embarked on the journey to build and launch a technology platform to orchestrate and deliver their vision to the world.

What was achieved

Complete Mental Health is a world first: A globally scalable cloud platform, bringing together commercial, scientific and altruistic interests. Individuals, organisations, wellbeing providers and researchers are all integrated into a singular online ecosystem of social change. We are grateful for their trust, and immensely proud of the outcome we achieved together.

Our Services

I am a...

Digital Leadership
Acting as your virtual CTO, we’ll bring a blend of business and technology advice to guide you through your early-stage evolution. We can help set your technology roadmap, whilst never losing sight of your vision – and then design a sustainable team structure for you to manage your new digital capabilities.
Digital Leadership
We augment your technology leadership teams, providing practical advice in the areas of business and technology strategy, governance, enterprise architecture and skills development Let us help you maximise the benefits of cloud technology, and enable the effective, sustainable growth of your internal capabilities.
Digital Leadership
We bring a modern and pragmatic approach to technology strategy, enterprise architecture, project delivery and product management. We also coach C-level stakeholders to ensure they are empowered, informed technical leaders, and we’ll deliver on that signature outcome – the one you’ll be remembered for.
Bespoke Solutions
Are you ready to bring your idea into the world? We can turn those design sketches into something you can see and touch. From prototypes through to production, we build portable, scalable cloud-first products using modern frameworks and an agile approach.
Bespoke Solutions
Let us help you maximise your investments in off-the-shelf SaaS products, with customised system integrations designed to improve your business workflows, reports and data quality. We can also build bespoke applications, to solve those problems that keep you up at night.
Bespoke Solutions
We work in partnership with your business stakeholders – and internal technical teams – to design and create meaningful, modern enhancements within your digital workspaces. Our bespoke solutions can improve your decision-making processes, create efficiencies, measure performance and reduce costs.
Application Security
Security begins at inception – before you’ve even written a single line of code. We’ll design and implement security considerations into your products from the ground up. This means your users can trust – and you can be confident – that the services you offer are based on robust and secure foundations.
Application Security
Our specialists will work alongside your internal team, providing realistic, workable advice and assistance to improve your security posture. From penetration testing and software development lifecycle reviews, through to security automation and implementation, we can act as your trusted, on-demand security team.
Application Security
We specialise in the unification of software development, cybersecurity and operational disciplines – our DevSecOps capabilities are founded on our proven practical experience. We can assist to maximise any technology investment, by augmenting your internal teams to build up their own DevSecOps capabilities.
Human Experience
When bringing a new digital product into the world, you want your customers to love it – to the point where they don’t want to live without it. From prototyping through to launch, we’ll help you demonstrate the value of your technology, with intuitive, modern interfaces and seamless transitions, making your app a pleasure to use.
Human Experience
Your customers expect efficient interactions when using your services, so as a small / medium business, you can’t afford manual hand-offs at every step. We’ll help you redesign your systems to deliver tailored customer services, whilst reducing error rates and improving administrative efficiencies.
Human Experience
Your applications don’t have to look like they were built in the 1990s; and processes shouldn’t be based on ‘but we’ve always done it that way’. Our User Experience designers will ensure that your new technology tools are efficient and intuitive, and we’ll apply Design Thinking to modernise your processes and services.

...and here's how we can help:

Strategy IT Strategy + Business Strategy + Commercialisation
Architecture Business + Technical + Enterprise + Solution + Information + Data
Planning & Definition Technology Roadmaps + Technical Standards + Principles
Business Design Capabilities + Service Design + Go-to-Market Strategy
Team Leadership Team Creation + Re-alignment + Management + Modernisation
Software Development Frontend + Backend + Data + Mobile + Virtual & Augmented Reality
Integration Bespoke + SaaS + PaaS + Orchestration + ETL
Cloud Hosting + Services + Mobility + Internet of Things
Web & Portal Websites + Collaboration Hubs + Information Management
Purchased Software Assessment + Selection + Configuration + Optimisation
DevSecOps Security-Hardened SDLC + Shift Left Security
Penetration Testing Web + Mobile + Desktop Application Testing + Developer Consultation
Security Automation Automated DevSec Tools + Product Security Monitoring
Capability Enhancement SDLC Reviews + Dev Team Coaching + Secure Dev Practices
Secure Operations Architecture + Advice + Audit + Compliance + Code Reviews
Analysis & Review Business & Systems Analysis + Discovery + Cross-Functional Requirements Definition
Project Delivery Scoping, Planning & Estimation + Project & Portfolio Management
Product Management Product Roadmaps + Enhancements + Release Management
Quality Assurance Shift Left Testing + Test Automation + Acceptance + Compliance
User Adoption Change Management + Training + VR Simulations + Empowerment
Digital Assets & Creativity Logos + Branding + Iconography + Web Design + Infographics
User Interface Design Wireframing + Prototyping + Usability Reviews
Ideation & Innovation Design Thinking Sessions + Human Centred Design + Actualisation
User Experience User Journeys + Personas + Interaction Design
Research & Analysis Heuristic Evaluation + Surveys & Analytics + UI & WCAG Audits
Business Intelligence Data Analysis + Visualisations + Actionable Insights
Infrastructure & Deployment Infrastructure as Code + Virtualisation + Containerisation
Productivity Software Subscriptions + SaaS + PaaS + Integration + Enhancement
Governance & Standards Policy Development + Risk Management + GDPR + ISO + Australian Privacy Principles
Human Capital Mentoring + Coaching + Recruitment + Capability Building

...using some of our favourite tech:

COTS & SaaS Office365 || SharePoint || Microsoft Power Platform || PowerBI || PowerApps || Xero || Trello || Adobe CC || Figma || Beebole
SDLC & Hosting Azure || Amazon Web Services || GitHub || Azure DevOps || Jira || Apache Kafka || Docker || Kubernetes || PaaS || IaaS
Languages & Frameworks Angular || React || Vue.js || .NET || Node.js || Express || Electron || JavaScript || TypeScript || C# || SQL || NoSQL || PowerShell || Python || Unity
We had to stop this list somewhere... but in reality we're constantly exploring, evaluating and adopting new technologies and tooling. So feel free to reach out; we'd love to hear about what you're working on, and have an honest conversation about how we can help.